Star Wars World: Rebel Ops

Hey all.

I know there's a fair bit of love for +Andrew Medeiros's Star Wars World around here, so (prompted by +Aaron Griffin?) I thought I'd share a hack of that hack – Star Wars World: Rebel Ops.

The really short version of the changes from SWW is:
* Slightly tougher characters/less brutal combat.
* Different Force mechanics, mostly related to Corruption/Dark Side stuff and how that's handled by the players and GM.
* 66% fewer Jedi playbooks, to match the era/scope.
* Three new playbooks: The Droid, The Partisan, and the Slicer.
* Changes to pretty much every other playbook, except (for some reason) Gearhead.

There's a longer changelog thing on the front page.

Anyway: my group switched from FAE and have been playing with this for a couple weeks now, and it's going well, so I thought I'd share the fruits of many late-night editing sessions.

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  1. Love it. One question: do you start with all your Luck boxes available, and how do you clear or recover them once used?

  2. You start with all of them, and basically you don't recover them. The only class that gets to recover one is the scoundrel. They are a very very finite resource. 🙂 I think it's Pretty much the way that it works in Monster of the Week.

  3. Although, with that said, there's absolutely no reason you couldn't have a luck refresh as part of the reward for a particularly notable event in the game.

  4. And for extra kick, I caught the new Old Republic trailer, and then went and reminded myself of the previous trailers. Maybe I'll put together a one-shot.

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