Multiple Choice

The invention system on CoH gives me: a) A way to improve my non-50 characters beyond the glacially slow leveling process. b) A way to improve my 50s, at all, and in very neat and interesting ways (5% chance to heal 15% of my health every time I fire an energy blast? Psychic damage added […]


"City of Heroes" champions virtual queer prom Hundreds of super-powered lesbians and gays let their magical hair down at a new LGBT prom recently. They danced, flirted, elected a prom king and (drag) queen, played outdoors in their underwear at a mountain ski resort, and levitated with robotic boots and angels’ wings until they crashed […]

Game reflects Life

Although it’s ostensibly about WoW, this post from Terra Nova: “Our avatars, ourselves”, makes some great observations how we relate to (and interact with) stimuli in virtual worlds in general, specifically our and others’ avatars. In brief, research to this point indicates we react to virtual stimuli exactly the same way as if it were […]

Mayday, mayday

Although they are just as flammable and thus, just as fun, the zeppelins of World of Warcraft are quite a bit smaller than the Big Uns folks then to think of when they think of Zeppelins for pulp games. The ‘passenger’ section (which is basically water-going ship design, handing from the hydrogen balloon on ropes) […]

More Amber Pulp!

Jvstin of long-time Amber DRPG fame just finished up a pulp-Amber game using Spirit of the Century at “The Black Road” Amber-con. Details at The Children of Amber in… the Machinations of Duke Icarium. I like the implementation — unlike the very detailed complete rewrite of the rules I’ve seen elsewhere, his implementation changes relatively […]

When you know the indie designers are doing something right

“Story Game” (400 page, hard-bound, beautiful, hard-crunch, sci-fi blaster, smacking) Burning Empires won Origins’ RPG of the year award, beating out Exalted, 2nd Edition and the new RuneQuest. There is a vanishingly small difference between a mainstream RPGs and indie productions in terms of print quality (since most use Indie Press, Lulu, or another POD), […]

Random MMO Bits – the tasty new cereal

People call bad hunters Huntards. I didn’t understand why until yesterday, playing with my paladin. One guy who didn’t understand that Hunter = easily sustained, ranged DPS. What part of “I am a marksman spec.” didn’t you understand when the words came out of your mouth, moron? Another one who was outdamaged, easily, by the […]

A game within a game

Last weekend, the WoW Insider guild on Zangarmarsh “It Came from the Blog” (200+ low-level alts and going strong) ran a scavenger hunt. The idea was to get screenshots of the following items: 1. A parrot 2. A Wanted Poster 3. An Ogre 4. A Yeti 5. A Well (water-type) 6. A Waterfall 7. A […]

Burning Aspects

This is a SotC rules tweak. I didn’t come up with it, though I am tweaking it. FATE and Spirit of the Century already let you change a character’s aspects whenever it’s appropriate or interesting or just plain cool to do so. That’s well and good. It’s a kind of ‘staying put’ character advancement. I […]

In a highly volatile nutshell

Fred Hicks asks: What do *you* think needs to be in a 15-minute demo of Spirit of the Century? The best, though not necessarily most useful response: Small mook group to be scared/confused by the talky types, then mowed down by the brawlers, but not before the BigVillain joins in. On a Zeppelin. Which is […]

*blows some dust off*

I’m finally done with all the stuff that’s been keeping me from playing any WoW or CoH — I’ve been offline so long (coming up on 5 or 6 weeks?) I’m not sure I remember how to log in.


I think, assuming that Birdwell Island is a Chancel (which is clearly is, otherwise all the mortals would have gone insane by now), Emily Elizabeth must be the Imperator. I’ve tried to work it with her as a Noble and Clifford as her anchor, but it just doesn’t work, since he’s got like… three anchors […]

And… Action!

As I already mentioned, we played some Primetime Adventures this weekend — this was the first episode after the series premiere of our “Weird War Two” show — and ***Dave has once again done fantastic work in putting together a great game log of Strange Allies, Episode 1, “Djinn”. This was a revelatory session for […]

“You’re a player, too.”

Story Games for Everybody – I’m not enjoying running Primetime Adventures. I’ve run PtA a couple of times and played it a couple of times. Whenever I’ve played it, I’ve had a ball. Whenever I’ve run it, I’ve had very mixed results, but I’ve never actually enjoyed it. Great thread of advice for a long-time […]