The Art(ist) of the Game

I’m very lucky to have +Michael Williams in my regular Tuesday night (hangouts-based) gaming group. (we’re currently playing Dungeon World and Lady Blackbird, after wrapping up a 30-session pbta-hacked Star Wars campaign.) I’m lucky to have him because he’s a great player. I didn’t even KNOW he could draw until he started turning out these […]

It's Hard Not to Make any Modern-setting Game about the News

It really is. Anyway, here's some random notes and thoughts and stuff that's we've dreamed up for the "long hair = crazy sorcery in a modern setting" game. —- Yer a hairy, wizard. The really short summary: 1. If you have magical ability at all, long hair = how much power you have.2. Too long/too […]

Resharing this So I Can Soak Up All the Awesome Later

The maps and art are amazing, and the content is excellent. #gaming Originally shared by +Randy M Here's a little 18 page mini-adventure set in the hamlet of Winterton (previously posted). It's part of a soon-to-be-released larger setting and available as a free pdf download here:  

A very special moment in tonight's Star Wars: Rebel Ops game.

+Dave Hill's rebel character, Ganna, met up with her … friend, Verana (a staff sergeant with the Empire on Onderon), and they had coffee then went to a club. I asked Dave: "So… do you think this move makes sense?" ————- Who the *#$%! are you? The Carousing went late, or maybe the Parley was […]

Slapped together a mix of World of Dungeons and my Star Wars World: Rebel Ops hack to play with my kids

Lucky isn't a real stat – it's a non-replenishable resource that gives you an auto success. The five stats should total +3 or so. Having a skill means you can't totally fail that thing. I'm still working out what all the special abilities do, especially "Force is with Me", which isn't automatic for anyone, even […]

RPGaDay – August 18: What innovation could RPG groups gain the most benefit from?

This is already happening, but the tech behind online meetings and collaboration is probably the future of 'tabletop' gaming. If you want me to get slightly futuristic and not-already-extant, let's go with the tech behind smart-device enabled Augmented Reality ("AR": like Pokemon Go); not to be confused with Alternate Reality Games (ARGs). Give me a […]

August 15: What types or source of inspiration do you turn to most often for RPGs?

The people at the table, first and foremost. After that, podcasts run by enthusiastic people. Genre-relevant TV. Recommended books… Pretty much anything, really. I ran a year long WHFRP game based on Iron Maiden album lyrics, once.  

August 14: Who would be on your dream team of people to game with?

Ooh. That's tricky. Thing is, I'm not sure all my favorite players would be very compatible, all in a single group. Let's see. I'd really like to run a game for +Lee Kenyon +Tim White +Kim Stone and +Kate Testerman. I don't know (or very much care) what game, but I believe I would enjoy […]

RPGaDay – August 12: What game is your group most likely to play next? Why?

Well, odds say Star Wars FAE, since that's (allegedly) the ongoing game I'm running, and it's scheduled for tomorrow. If you're talking game most likely to be introduced and played next, Dungeon World or Monster of the Week. Why? Because I really want to. August 13: What makes a successful campaign? See "the things that […]

RPGaDay – August 10: What was the largest in-game surprise you have experienced?

In my old Amber campaign, Things in Heaven and Earth, Benedict, rather than losing an arm in his duel with… whoever in the books cut off his arm… was blinded. Somehow, and I don't really remember how it happened, the players decided that the best way to help him recover his sight more quickly was […]

RPG A Day, August 9: What things are a part of your ideal session, other than the actual game?

More and more, I treasure a diverse group of players. A table full of white dudes is a missed opportunity for a better game, I think. More women. More kids. More people from backgrounds I don't share, bringing elements to the table that otherwise would never be there. Also? Laughter. I don't want to screw […]

August 8: Do you prefer hardcover, softcover, or electronic books? What are the benefits of your preference?

I like ebook versions of RPG texts, which are unfortunately as rare as hen's teeth. PDF is… fine. Not great. Pretty much unreadable on small screens (I sometimes have my phone's pdf viewer read them aloud while I drive, which is … differently sub-optimal), while larger screens are less easy to carry around. Paper books […]