Apocalypse World, Ironwall, Session 01, Creaturchgoer

Our first session! Serran faces down Kreider and takes January’s shiny new gun back to Grand Central with her. Kreider is not happy. Buck tells Kai there will be repercussions from Kreider… then he tells everyone else in the settlement and gets them all riled up. Guthrie gets a Visitor, catches up on Family Gossip, […]

Looking Back at a Remarkably RPG-heavy Week

I’ve been lucky enough to have a regular gaming group for Some Time Now (thanks, #Roll20 !) – I don’t have the hard numbers, but I think we’re averaging ~48-50 game sessions a year in the main Monday night group. The weekend just past was a bit of a jackpot. On Friday night, I ran […]

Apocalypse World, Ironwall – Session 00

Kim, Kate, Amanda, and I get together to build an Apocalypse We’re using the new Burned Over playbooks that Vincent’s releasing for “PG13 Apocalypse World. (I don’t care about the rating, I DO care that the moves and playbooks feel more elegant and match much better what I’m looking for out of our relationship with […]