This weekend is fraught with gamer peril. I’m taking part in a local con, playing Living Greyhawk on Friday night, GMing Living Force all day Saturday, and playing a 2-part Living Greyhawk on Sunday.
I am, oddly, not all the psyched about it. I’m tired of going to these things alone. I really just want my wife to come and participate with me, at least as much as she can (she still has homework to do), but the slots are all booked up, and there’s just no way to get her in unless I create a slot by not playing myself, which defeats the purpose.
The real gizzard-kicker: she WANTS to go, and believes she’ll have time — I didn’t know, so I didn’t make the appropriate reservations, and now I’m out in the cold. Rather, she is. We both are. Sucks.