WotC has released some new infor from the revised edition of the rulebook that coming out in a few months. I’ve ‘implemented’ a few of these changes on the Star Wars pages. Here’s the highlights:
In the House Rules section, details on how Armor is going to work — it’s damage reduction now, doesn’t interfere with Class Bonuses to Defense, and seems to work fine against criticals.
The Scoundrel has been revised, and those of you with levels in this class should update their characters to reflect this version. Of note is the change from “Sneak Attack” to “Precise Attack”, which is a nice because it ‘kicks in’ sooner. They’ve added a Gambling skill (I imagine you could use this instead of a profession check to make money), but the Defense advancement for the class has dropped A LOT (probably because Scoundrels, with their already high dex, were unrealistically unhittable).
Anyway, lots of stuff. Off you go.

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