Genghis 2003

Via Rey:
So, for all those wondering “where is that sexy hunk of man that goes by the name of Rey?”….
Email me here.
For those wondering where “that other guest writer is?”: I’ve been at Genghis Con, Denver’s largest gaming convention in Colorado.
Man, am I wiped out.
Nevertheless, here are some six word reviews.
Living Greyhawk: Almost died way too many times.
Living Force: Man, do they need new writers.
Serial Pulp Adventures: Serial Pulp kicks a$$! For shizzi…
Being RPG Coordinator at Tacticon: What the hell was I thinking?
As a warm-up before my stint as RPG Coordinator for Tacticon, I did (just about) all the RPG mustering, lots of packet scoring and a variety of other jobs, while still playing and judging.
As I said, wiped out.
The convention was quite a bit of fun, as always, though the experience was slightly diminished with the main group of people I hang out with at these things in another country. Which means I got to hang out with some other people. I’ve now confirmed some things I already knew:
1. Rules lawyers interrupting games suck.
2. A good judge can make a bad scenario good.
3. A bad judge can’t help but make a scenario bad.
4. Some times, the only way to get people what they want is to be an a$$hole.
5. I will never play in another Greyhawk interactive. I may help run them, but I really have no desire to play in another one.
6. I really love my wife and son.
Anyhow, I now have to prepare for the mayoral campaign of my Greyhawk character. I have so much RPG-related work to do, it’s silly.