News Headlines from Around the Core Worlds

Short version of last night’s session: One player’s Senate Representative character and everyone else went to a Masquerade on a planet-orbitting ship — a fight ensued in a ship dock (they were trying to find a kidnapped ally).
To block the exit from the ship dock, The Senate-boy used his Noble Clout to order the valet to pull his personal ship to the outside of that airlock to block it… in order to DO that, he had to tell the valet who he was…
The real problem: one of the characters ‘finished off’ the two unconscious-but-stable opponents they left on the landing-bay floor, then they fled the scene in his ship.
There wouldn’t normally be an investigation (the partygoers are somewhat under-the-table types)… then the Valet got an idea about getting paid for the news leak.
And all this happened on the morning of the day that the character’s Uncle, Bail Antilles, is (possibly) being named as the minority nominee for the upcoming election of Supreme Chancellor…
The City
“Alderaan’s Golden Boy Hits the Town”
“Mysterious Deaths at Gala”
“Antilles Investigation Clouds Election”
“Senate Rep. flees Murder Scene”
“Bontraar Security Tapes Blank, Missing”
“Swank but Sinister Bontraar Masque Ends in Deaths, Accusations”
Coruscant Sun
“Twi’lek Dancing Girls: Simon A’s Kink”
“Meet the Antilles Assassins”
Alderaan Herald
“Baseless Accusations Fly in Core”
Dl Tgszlg [Bothan Press]
[Bontraar’s Gala Target of Terrorists]
O Po [Nal Hutta]
Senator Antilles kills five, Flees Scene

[with thanks to Stan for the idea]


  1. Well, frell, I didn’t ask everyone to come along and blow up the station looking for someone they don’t like.
    Even if Lori’s character said did something mortifyingly nice on Dag’s behalf toward the end of the game.

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