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For those interested (and apparently some are), I have a “Nobilis 101” document available. It’s about 15 pages printed, but considering that it’s a solid breakdown of a 300 page book (enough to use to make characters and get a good idea of the setting), that’s not too bad.
The original html document, written by a guy named “Ry” in 1999 (when there was only the first edition book out), is here. It is still a viable document and highly recommended. All respect is due this guy. it’s a great document.
I (and ***Dave) fiddled with it because…

  • The layout was pretty basic (circa 1999 straight text) and the ‘tables’ were hard to read.
  • Some of the rules info has changed
  • In fiddling with it, we both figured out the rules much better than we had before. I love the main rulebook, but when I was about thirty pages in, I stalled, and it was reading and editing the 101 document that really made things clear to me.

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Oddly, I just picked up this book. So…I’d be interested in having a copy of your document.
Thanks in advance.

Yes, please.
I have the book, and enjoy it muchly, but I’d love to see a “short version” that could kickstart a small game.

Ah. I didn’t know you hadn’t written it, Doyce. If I had known it was from a third source, I would have tweaked it even further … 🙂
But, yes, nothing like writing documentation to help you figure out how something works.

Dude… go to town… the only thing I really did after I downloaded it was take out the carriage returns and bold-face the headings.

Well, I already turned the tables into … well, tables. There’s a bit of structuring that would be helpful I can think of. Let’s see if I remember to do it tonight.

Still trying to figure out just what I’ll do with Nobilis, but I’d love to see this summary if you can mail it my way.

I just started running Nobilis – I would find this helpful. Can I get you to send it my way?

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