Estate thought

It’s easy, in Nobilis, to choose an Estate and then try to base everything on making them a perfect fit for that Estate (a good example might be Destiny of the Endless) or making the character’s personality the direct opposite of what would be expected (Destruction of the Endless). Alternately, if you look at something like Lord of Light as an example, you see a main character who’s influenced by the estate but has several other big things that influence his personality as well.
I personally think it’s a really good idea to figure out what kind of character you want to play first and figure out their Estate later. (A good example of this is (IMO) Death of the Endless, who approaches things the way any dedicated professional does — it’s important, and a big part of her ‘life’, but not all of it.)

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  1. Because in the long-term, you need to run that Character as a person you’ll understand, whether you ever fully understand your Estate.

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