Nobilis NPCs

A list of some of the NPC’s involved in the events surrounding the I&H Nobilis game. (Players may not want to know this, but it’s just blurbs, no stats.)
*Update*: changed and added a few NPCs, allowing me to move a few people around who are more useful to me unaffiliated with the ‘main’ Familias.

Deus Sanguinas, chancel of the Perpetual Wanderer
Joshua Stark, Loyalty’s Regal. Stark is anything but the embodiment of his Power — he considers Loyalty a tool to be used (like mankind) towards whatever goals suit him (or, of course, his Imperator) at the moment. On a personal level, Stark considered Loyalty a flexible thing (an attitude possibly brought on by the ease with which he manipulates his Estate).
Avrileros, Viscount of Eternity. An unsmiling and vicious man who fights grimly against the encroaching destruction of creation, all the while wearing and expression that speaks volumes as to what he believes Creation’s chances are.
Senachiel, Marquis of Lost Things. A seraphim who survived the death of its first imperator and was taken into the family of Perpetual Wanderer, Senachiel has been the Power behind its Estate for longer than most remember.
Marenka Zeleny, Jealosy’s Regal. Said by many to be the very embodiment of her estate — it is not usually meant as a compliment. Marenka has not responded well to the gradual weakening of her Family’s chancel.
Locus Nephys, chancel of Lavinkyo, Imperator of the Blind Whisper (Inquisitor Chancel)
Michel Tomas, Saint (aka ‘pawn’) of Justice. A deeply pious and strict man, Michel is an unbending and extreme servant of his Estate, striving to achieve Justice even in the halls of the Nobilis.
Depa Vastri, Duchess of Conspiracies. A dark-skinned woman with knowing eyes, the Duchess sees her Estate in all things, from the simplest act to the most complex series of events imaginable. Her role as a member of an Inquisitor Chancel is essentially to ferret out the presence of her very own Estate and destroy it — for this reason alone, many fear her.
Alexander Hawthorne Lawrence, Baron of Regret. The voice of temperance in his Chancel, Alexander was a serial murderer/rapist carrying out fifty-eight consecutive life sentences at a maximum security psychiatric institution when Lavinkyo enNobled him and give him full cognizance of his life.
The First Castle, chancel of Pen Lo, Imperator of Sin’s Pain (Inquisitor Chancel)
The Bronze Man, Sacrifice’s Regal. An ancient spirit from the mountains of Tibet.
Cerny Krizova, Baron of Knives. A harsh man from a darker era of humankind’s history. To him, it is irrelevant if his prey is Guilty or Innocent — only that they are Accused. Once he has been given a name, his purpose is solely to bring his estate to bear upon that individual. He is unrelenting in his pursuit.
Ife Hapura, Power of Friendship. A kind, dark-skinned woman who acts as the voice of compassion in an otherwise pitiless and strict Inquisitor Familia.
Emma la Rue, City’s Regal. A woman of contrasts, by turns harsh and unforgiving, beautiful and full of hope. Her methods are frequently inscrutable, following carefully laid plans at one point and random impulse the next. For all that her Estate serves as its home, she is not a friend of Humankind.
Goose, Elusion’s Regal. Few have met the noble known as Goose, fewer still would know if they had, and even less would admit it — consorting in any way with a nobilis whose head has its own trophy case waiting for it in the Locust Court is not a good way to extend one’s existence. (created by Frank Sronce)
Haley, Power of Imagination. Cheerful and helpful nine-year-old, generally loveable though not entirely predictable.
Penelope, Power of Memory. Flighty, unreliable, irresponsible and sometimes malicious (distorting the truth).

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  1. Ohh… a Marquis of Lost Things… I really, really wish I’d managed to stick to the online game I had to back out of when I moved to New Hampshire where that (personified as a Brooklyn warehouse foreman with one hell of an inventory to keep track of) was my PC.
    As it is, I haven’t actually gotten a chance to PLAY Noblis yet.

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