Two really funny bits from Thought-Records, a Nobilis-oriented blog.

First, a debate with the insane-but-highly-motivated Power of Irony:

“Powers who are artists are not part of the estate of Artists,” she intoned, clearly having gotten her hands on first-edition Nobilis at some point.
“Powers who are warriors are not part of the estate of Warriors,” she continued, and so on through the litany.
“Don’t you see why I have to kill you?” she asked then. (She was the Power of Irony.) “We Powers are ourselves not part of the elements of Creation. And who comes from outside Creation? The Excrucians, of course. We already know about so-called Mimics. But it turns out…[she almost said “ironically”] we are just deeper-cover mimics. We think we’re upholding reality when we’re actually programmed to destroy it. Only I was in a position to figure this out.
“Evelyn,” she said to the Power of Evolution, “you know that one of your own capabilities is to destroy the things of your estate. Why do you think that is? We’re the enemy!”

“Why don’t you kill yourself, then?” Evelyn asked her.
“I have to be last.”

And a great NPC description:

The Power of Manned Space Flight, who acts and talks exactly like Flashheart from Blackadder.

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  1. oooh, Jim-Henly-Nobilis-classic. this was back when *gasp* I was actually still PLAYING in the campaign.

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