Poof, you’re a bird

Prompted by watching the Prophecy, Dracula, and seeing similar stunts in the LoEG trailers, I present this bit of fluff for Nobilis (though, like many Nobilis Gifts, I’d rather have it in Amber 🙂
Gift: Body Swarm
Greater Change of Self (9) Self Only (-3) Simple Miracle (-1) One Trick (-3) Uncommon (1) = Cost: 3
This gift allows you to change into a flock/swarm/pack of vermin or small winged critters… pick one type of critter, whatever works best for the character — power of Heaven might go for white doves or butterflies, a power of Light might go for sparrows or honeybees, a power of Hell might select bats or rats or something equally disturbing. Generally, the animal needs to be fairly small — swarms of Condors might be a bit much. As a rough guideline, ten little critters will manifest for each Wound Level the character has, and killing off ~10 of the things will inflict a Wound level on the character. Other than that, you consciousness is pretty much distributed over the whole group, which might make it easy to spy on many people (provided you’ve got the Aspect to process all that incoming information), though there should probably be some logical limit on how far apart the individual critters can be spread out… call it a mile.


  1. Actually, in our shapeshifter supplement to Amber, the LintKing and I had a “house of swarm, (or “hivemind”)” which mostly dealt with the unfortunate results of chaos cancer… and the number of small things someone could change into…

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