Dylan MacEvitt, pt. 2

Some more character background for Dylan MacEvitt, member in good standing of The Agency.

Name: Dylan Thomas MacEvitt
Description: Age 28, Married, Male, 5’11”, 170#, Blue, Dark hair
Code Name: Poet
Date of Birth: 03.13.1975
Place of Birth: Twin Lakes, Wisconsin
Gaming notes: Faceman; High CHA, High WIS.
Wife: Jessica, 27. Investments Broker for Morgan Stanley.
Previous: Bachelors Degree in Psychology (minor in Theatre), Master’s Degree in Criminal Psychology.
Home: Dylan lives in a Boston ‘suburb’ that is, in his opinion, merely one more tiny east-coast village justifiably lost in the tangled undergrowth. He gets to work by commuting to an unremarkable underground parking garage and using a fire exit that no one else does — on a normal day, the fifteen-mile trip takes an interminable forty-five minutes and boasts only three stoplights largely ignored by the other drivers.
Profession: Jessica knows only that he’s works ‘analysis’ for an Intelligence agency and doesn’t want to know more. They tell their friends that he works with a communications development company wholly owned by AOL/Time-Warner and everyone drops the subject.
Languages: Whattya need?
Background: Dylan’s a US-born citizen who spent a great deal of time abroad in his youth — his father was a diplomat, which translated into expensive boarding schools on both the American coasts as well as Great Britain, Japan, and Italy. He has never cared for France but prefers not to go into it.
Claim to fame?: Dylan excels at reading people: he is a natural profiler and uses that talent to good effect when attempting to pass himself off using a cover identity or when interrogating suspects.
Hobbies: Dylan jogs, as much to ‘get away from everything’ (the job, his private life) as for any health benefit. He will freely admit that it is a mind-numbingly boring activity with very little to recommend it — he finds it useful because the boredom gives his mind a chance to “turn things over” — he often comes back from a run with a new idea or solution to a problem.
Biggest source of trouble?: That would probably be the problems/stress caused in his personal life by being part of the Agency. Dylan’s wife (Jessica) knows that he works for an unspecified intelligence network, and knows that she can’t tell their friends, which is fine with her — she finds the whole thing vaguely embarassing. Frankly, she doesn’t really want to know any more about what Dylan does; she is a very no-nonsense person who wants the American (yuppie) dream of a lovely house, nice cars, sophisticated friends, and one or two kids in the very, very distant future — the fact that Dylan gets phone calls and pages at “all hours”, even on the weekends, is a continual low-grade bone of contention for the couple. Jessica wants Dylan’s job to “behave like a ‘real’ job”, because “this nonsense” doesn’t fit in with her picturesque goals at all.
As far as she knows, Dylan’s a desk-bound analyst.
Favorite gadget?: When it comes to high-tech gizmos, Dylan prefers the subtle: a PDA with full connectivity to the Agency network, a telescope/pen, or a radio/wristwatch. His only unbending preference is for U.S.-made handguns, especially Colts (which generally means using pistols in a very unsubtle .45 caliber) — his current sidearm is a modern, sleeker version of the classic Colt 1911, the ‘Defender’. He’d actually love to put together a collection of Colt pistols, both antique and modern, but Jess would never let him keep them in the house — to Dylan, one of the fringe benefits to actually getting a private office in the Agency would be the chance this might give him to start such a collection.


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