Book Sale

Okay, I’ve added more stuff to my “sell” list. The complete list of game books is below:
[Normally I wouldn’t list the prices I’m asking, but some folks said they wanted first dibs, so if you’re reading this and you want something listed below, email me and I’ll take it off Amazon and send it to you some other way. You get the ‘blog reader’ discount of the 15% I’d have given to Amazon anyway :)]

Revised Core Rulebook (Star Wars Roleplaying Game) [Hardcover d20] — $21.00
Relics & Rituals (Scarred Lands) [Hardcover] — $13.00
Hunter: The Reckoning [Hardcover] — $17.00
Creature Collection (Scarred Lands) [Hardcover]– $10.00
Farscape Role-Playing Game [Hardcover d20] –$24.00
Deadlands: The Quick & the Dead [hardcover] –$12.00
Ray Winninger’s Underground (it’s 2021 and the dream is dead) — $10.00 (this can best be described as “superpunk”)
Aria: Worlds (Aria Series: Canticle of the Monomyth) [Paperback] — $20.00
Primal Order (you either know what it is or you don’t) — $15.00
BESM: Dominion Tank Police RPG and Resource Book — $12.00
BESM: Demon City Shinjuku RPG and Resource Book — $12.00
BESM: Sailor Moon RPG and Resource Book — $15.00
DC Universe Roleplaying Game Rulebook — $10.00


  1. Thanks Doyce.
    Either have them or have seen them already.

  2. Hey, You never know, You might have been getting rid of some real goodies.
    You know, Holloween is coming up. It might be a good way for you to get rid some small items.

  3. Yeah, if I’d thought about it I would have dropped Buffy comics into the trick or treat bags for the kids. Ah well.

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