Spring Summer Fall cleaning

I’ve been dumping some of my unused RPG books on Amazon in the last week or so.
I’ve still got Creature Collection, Relics & Rituals, Hunter: The Reckoning, Revised Core Rulebook (Star Wars), and The Transporter DVD out there, but things have moved off the shelf pretty well, which I’m pleased about: I’ve sent off copies of Mage, d6 Star Wars 2nd Edition, Deadlands, and Kingdoms of Kalamar to (presumably) happy buyers. Silver Age Sentinels d20 is heading out the door today.
Next up on the block? There’s more than a few video tapes and DVDs I’m interested in getting rid of (here’s a clue: I’ve had Good Morning Vietnam for five years and it’s still in the shrinkwrap), and a few more game books that are crying out for new owners (Aberrant, Tales of the Jedi, Deadlands: Quick and the Dead, et cetera) — I need to take a notebook down to the bookshelves and make a serious list.
I’m never going to get those eight shelves (two columns of four) reduced to merely four, but at least I won’t have 30 books down there that I read once and never used.
Somebody else will 🙂


  1. What…
    And you forgot to offer them to us first (some stuff I already have).
    Post a list of things you want to get rid of.

  2. Randy said something similar, but then nodded his understanding of my skipping that step when I listed a bunch of stuff he’s not interested in.
    But… yeah, I can live with that — I’ll put a list up here before tossing out the next batch.

  3. It’s been really easy. You give Amazon voided check info so they can deposit the payments into your account every 14 days, list your books (and they can ususually find the book with a search so as to populate all the ISBN nonsense automatically).
    They email you with a packing slip you can print out when someone buys it — you ship it to the person media mail (easily the part I dislike the most, since it entails going to the post office, but oh well), and Amazon even overpays you 2.50 per sale to cover shipping, which is almost exactly what media mail rates on a game book are. I think they take something like 8% off the sale or whatever, so a book you sell for 21 bucks you’ll get a little over $18 for.
    I don’t think I’d want to do it a hundred times over, but for the one or two dozen individual things I want to get rid of, it’s easy.

  4. Absolutely. I’ve done the Amazon shops thing several times. The biggest annoyance is when it turns out what you want to get rid of is selling for far fewer peanuts than it’s worth traveling to the post office for. Aside from that, it’s nearly painless.
    (Do the PO proof of delivery thang — the bright green-edge form. It’s $0.50 or so, but it’s searchable on the Internet, and in at least one case I was able to point it out to a person who claimed they never got their stuff.)

  5. Mmm. I’ll have to remember that: gamers are such a dodgey lot 🙂

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