Of gods, guest stars, plots, and naming conventions

Sunday, we had our first ‘guest star’ in the ongoing Nobilis game.
Hmm, before I get into that, though, let’s lay a little background out.

Once upon a time, I decided to run a Nobilis ‘test’ game. The idea behind this was to simplify, simplify, simplify: small group, short premise, and hey let’s throw in PC amnesia so that we can just ignore some of the background and rules for awhile (as the PC’s learn, the players will).
Yeah well that plan didn’t WORK. By the time we had our second session there were seven players involved. Still, I played through the opening arc with some success and after that sat down to figure out what to do.
What I finally settled on was adding a player and splitting the single huge group into two far-more-manageable groups of four.

The first, or ‘Saturday’ group (made up of Dave, Margie, Stan, and John) has been designated ‘Group C’ for reasons too arcane to explain, while the second or ‘Monday’ group (Lee, De, Randy, and Jackie) is Group A. Don’t ask.

The benefits were many, but one I was looking forward to was the fact that it still gave me a chance to have guest appearances from one game in the other game, as well as massive ‘crossover’ events where everyone showed up to party.
The first part of that occured on Sunday, (which is of course when the ‘first’, ‘Saturday’, or ‘C’ group meets… duh, I mean, it’s so obvious).
Obviously, there are certain people for whom it will be easier to drop in and chat with the other group, and one of the most obvious choices is Jackie, who came by to warn Chancel C about a looming threat that she and the rest of Chancel A had found out about.
In the process, she helped out the main group with a thorny problem and actually set things up so that John (who had to miss the ‘C’ session) can turn around and guest star in the ‘A’ group (which is on Thursday this week, obviously), so that part of it is really coming on nicely.
What’s next? Fungus wants to have a party to celebrate the creation of the new chancel, which gives us a really good chance to do a big group thing… maybe. We’ll see how the RL schedules go.
For those still reading, I should point out that there is, in fact, a gaming blog for this mess, which collects all the logs, quotes, and personal journals for the game in one place.

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  1. Well, any time you need a guest star, let me know. I can pop in and skewer someone or something … 🙂

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