1. Heh.
    I see that they have a PDF of the Dork Frag board, which would have avoided my having to type out the character descriptions.
    I’m also greatly amused at the PvP Frag supplement.
    One of my only concerns about Frag as a game is whether, if not including the amusement of character satire (e.g., Dork Frag), the game mechanic itself is amusing enough to sustain our particular group.
    But I’m willing to find out.

  2. As I explained to John B. this weekend, the (significant, IMO) difference in replayability between Frag and Munchkin is simply expressed:
    – When we finish playing Frag, I want to play again.
    – When we finish playing Munchkin, I don’t generally want to play for about another month, and I’m probably annoyed with at least one other player.
    Given that Dork Tower bestows some fun disads and advantages on each character, that might add some to the fun of it (whereas ‘true’ Frag allows for custom characters), but Jackie enjoyed it and hasn’t read a page of any of the DT stuff, so who knows how key that was.

  3. Partly it might be that Frag is much more honest about the whole thing: “My purpose in this existence is to get toys and blow you into tiny bits.”
    With munchkin, there’s always a … hmm … a feeling that you didn’t HAVE to screw with another player. Sure, the cards are there, but …
    If you get a Rocket Launcher in the ear in Frag, it’s because you made a tactical error, cuz it’s not like you didn’t KNOW I was gonna come after you. 🙂

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