The technology of game scheduling

Thanks to Dave noticing that, once again, Hosting Matters provides both top-notch support and the coolest toys, I’ve been able to (quickly and easily) install Web Calendar for use as an online, interactive Game Calendar, with reminders and participants and the whole nine yards.
VERY, VERY cool.
The default page shows all the events that have been marked as Public Access, which lets us show all the games and conflicts coming up. Dave and I are sweating the admin details, basically.
The only weird thing about “Public” view is that it shows all the timed events in the timezone of the server machine, which is 4 hours later than Colorado time. (If you’re someone who can log in, you can set your preferences to ‘subtract 4 hours from server time’ to display all the times correctly.)
Anyway, the calendar’s open to most anyone to see, and any you actual gaming participants (you know who you are) actually have sign-ins that you can use to go in to your personal calendar view, where only the events you’re involved in will display.
Actually, come to that, if you have a login (which any game participants do), you can actually use this as a planning calendar for yourself that you can access from anywhere there’s internet access — you’re certainly welcome to do so, if only to note times you’ll be out of town — only the events you make ‘Public Access’ will show up in the ‘Public’ calendar.


  1. Hmmm. I may have screwed up the times on some things, then, since I changed some start times to be “right,” without thinking of the server displacement.
    Our servers are 4 hours off MST? That’s weird — what, they’re in Greenland?

  2. That was very much my question — all I know is that I had to keep backing up until the times *I* entered were the ones that actually showed up on the page.
    Or something. That part is weird.
    And I went through and fixed… well, most of the stuff that looked wrong… dunno about 12th night, though.

  3. If the servers are in Greenland, we must take them out at once…or at least have Calvin fix them.

  4. I’ll add that to his To Do list.
    I think that the Company phone should have web access and a PDA function – that way we could book appointment for each other regardless of where we were.
    Dylan an appointment has been made for you by Spaceman Spiff. The subject is “Call your Wife”
    The description is “Avoid the Couch – Call your Wife two minutes after the flower arrive”
    Date: Monday, 12/15/2003
    Time: 18:00

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