1. I remember once on the Amber list someone said that the lady writing GURPS Vorkosigan, Genevieve Cogman, is the same lady as Maya, who wrote “The Tragical History of Eric, King of Amber”… The version of NPiA written like Shakespeare. Damn good, if you didn’t know about it already, I really recommend checking it out.
    My roommate, who reads the Bujold board, says that the writing for GURPS Vorkosigan has been done for a long long time, and the holdup is terrible luck in art… One artist flaking, then the next, a good one, breaking his arm… I could be remembering wrong, though.

  2. No, you’re right. The hold up of the Vorkosigan books were totally art related. The book’s been done for … two years now, I think. I know I saw the playtest rules at Thanksgiving two years ago.
    The first set of art sucked big time, according to SJ.

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