Narrative d20?

I’ve heard a lot of interesting stuff about the new Conan RPG from Mongoose publishing — that it gives players alot of input on the story, et cetera — the sorts of things that currently flip my skirt up — whatever.
I’d also heard that the author both read Sorcerer, Sorcerer & Sword, and talked quite a bit with Ron Edwards about narrativist play.
Well, lookie lookie, here’s a d20 and narratavism thread that pretty much documents part of that evolution.
Kinda makes me want to go get that damn book. Again. Bleah.
I particular like this “how to help make d20 more character-driven” idea.

…personality feats.
The mechanic is simple – you take a thematic feat that has some sort of behavior associatited with it, and when you follow that behavior, you gain an action point (one per session). The action point can be spent for a roll bonus, or can be turned in at the end of the session for xp for the whole party. That last bit is genius, since it makes even the most gamist players willing to tolerate non-optimal behavior from their compatriots in the name of role playing because there’s a tangible reward for it (for gearheads, the xp reward for a single point is the same as an encounter of a level equal to the party’s average level).
There’s a sampler of the rules with some example feats in pdf form here. The only thing I should add is that the common practice (Even by Mr. Aylott, or so I’m told) is to give each character one personality feat for free.

I don’t know that it encourages the players to step in and add to the overall plotting, but it’s a great thing for getting traditional KIAMO-style players to get into character a bit. I’ll have to check out the game they mention the idea comes form.


  1. Interesting. I’m blessed with good roleplayers, but even they have off-sessions. Personality feats are intriguing; I’m off to check that PDF. Thanks!

  2. A lot of interesting food for thought there. Some stuff that could be grafted onto (cough) existing campaigns. Hmmmm …

  3. Indeed, it’s a good/dangerous time to be gaming with us here in Denver 🙂

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