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The Forge :: [Savage Worlds] X-Com

The aliens have been on Earth for nine months now, appearing suddenly in small groups, blowing stuff up, kidnapping people, disrupting communications, and in general working Earth up into a lather. Conventional forces are useless against them; the aliens project some kind of “fear wave” that can turn hardened soldiers into gibbering toddlers. Only X-Com, an elite international force, can meet the terrorists head-on. Hardened by the latest psychological techniques and equipped with the most advanced Japanese gear, X-Com troops are the best that Earth can put in the field. And finally, they have a chance to strike back: a garbled ham radio message from the mining town of Sparta, Colorado says that a UFO has crashed into an old mine behind the town. X-Com X-1–the first graduates of the X-Com training program–sortie to capture the UFO.

Two points:
1) X-Com was the best game ever. I wish I had a PC slow enough to run it on.
2) I would love this kind of game.


  1. All they have to do is show up, say, “We’re from the UN — we’re here to help you,” and not only will all the civilians immediately evacuate from the area, but the aliens will flee, too …
    No, but seriously, this sounds fun.

  2. Yeah… I don’t personally remember anything about them being U.N. troops in the original game. “Internationally Sanctioned and Funded” was about as far as that went, but I could be wrong.

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