Sorcerer, Session Four: Lexigrams

Our fourth session of Sorcerer ran per normal on Friday. All in all, I was pleased with some of the Humanity Issues that came up as well as (what amounted to) my One Big Bang of the night.
Intro Bits:
The Premise as defined by the group is, “What would you give up for Knowledge? Who or what would you trade for power?”
Humanity is defined as Empathy (connection to your fellow man).
First session is here. Second session is here. Third Session is here.
To sum things up briefly, the game is set in the North-Boston/Cambridge area, centering around (mostly) Harvard, with some off-campus business as well (both from the tech industry and the darker side of the ‘independent erotic film’ industry). In events leading up to this point, the PCs have become aware that various sorcerers of no small skill have died mysteriously. Also, several coeds have disappeared from campus and at least one of them has since turned up in a snuff video after her disappearance — Both of the missing girls are known to at least one of the PCs. It is mid-November and the weather is getting quite bad — freezing sleet has devolved into the front end of a major blizzard. For more detail, see the session links above.
Now then, let’s see how well I can do without having taken any session notes at all (cringe)…


  1. Bister and Doji both go after the ghost, but he’s too experienced and wily. [Should be “Bister and Shade”.]
    Actually, having Dad pop up unexpectedly was great. It let Ken be completely flabbergasted about what to do. Help Dad (who me — disklikes/ed? Help Shannon, quite possibly the Queen of the Snuff Films? His take, after a moment, was to let Dad take the lead (and tell Val to not interfere). That Doji then attacked Dad was even more flabbergasting, leaving Ken to quickly pick up the threads of his composure once all was complete.
    Good stuff.

  2. Damn, I was swapping in “Doji” for “Shade” the whole post… thought I’d caught all of them.
    Anyway, fixed… and I’m glad you like that turn of events.

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