Coding stuff

I’ve set up a few tweaks, which amount to combining the Random Encounters blog into the RandomWiki front page, using a PmWiki plugin called x-include.
I welcome feedback on the whole thing; I like the functionality, don’t totally love the look of the interface, but think it might get the job done. Input welcome, as it’s a snap to switch back.
(For those of you who absolutely must have the other version of the blog — simply go to — that should still work just fine.


  1. Doyce;
    Is there a way to code the x-include window/form so that it flows all the way to the end of the browser window? Right now, the blog is in a sub-window/div that only takes up about 1/2 of the screen… which means about 1/4 of the screen to the right of your inner window is wasted space. (which I personally find somewhat vexing, although I’m prepared to admit that I may be the only one)
    Other than that…
    I’m on your site almost daily, so keep up the good work!

  2. Shawn,
    Unfortunately, all I can set up is a pre-specified width for that window. I can make it broader, but only by a set number of pixels, so I have to be careful not to exceed a certainly usability theshhold for the common user — for me, there’s a lot of white space to the right, but for other folks, there might be a lot less.
    I tried to shut off the whole scrolling thing entirely and have the thing come in as a static text inclusion (which I’d be much more willing to resize), but that flag doesn’t seem to want to work.

  3. Bummer.
    My vexation aside, I’d like to compliment you on even trying the addition to the site. You’re doing a great job with the content — I never told Ron this, but your game writeups prompted me to buy Sorcerer at this year’s Gencon!
    So, at the risk of repeating myself… Keep up the good job!

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