Notes on Sorcerer play (not the game transcript)

Actual Play reports will come this evening when I have more time, but there are a few thoughts I wanted to get down:

1: Sorcerer means smaller groups. There really aren’t any good exceptions. Four players is the absolute outside maximum, provided you have a relationship map with the tensile strength of spring-steel. Three is better. DitV is not notably different in this regard.
1a: I would do something about the above point with the Grimm Therapy game, except I think it’s a short enough arc to muddle through and still be enjoyable.
2: It is infinitely helpful when the players take some of the initiative in organizing play the way they know they want it to be — playing “my guy” is well and good and right, but there’s a point where it makes the game more interesting if you say “It would be better if I found a way for my PC to go to location X instead of being purposely ignorant of the plot point laying there.” This is an authorial choice rather than actor’s choice, and it’s good story-making and game play, if not also good role-playing (which I think it is). We started to do that last night towards the end and it helped. I even talked to Justin about it afterwards as something that was okay to do if it would make more interesting things happen as a result.
I like that people are working to help me weave the elements of the story in tighter to each other…
“Dave, I need your PC’s bully to have the same last name as one of the missing high school girls.”
It just tightens everything up.
It was good to play again — every time I run this game I feel like I get a little more understanding of how it all goes together.

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