“Dogs” Kudos

DitV is Jonathan Tweet’s ‘Best Game of GenCon for 2004.

I almost didn’t pick Dogs because I didn’t want a game with characters that the players couldn’t respect. They sounded like thugs, Inquisitors in the American style. But it turns out that they’re not thugs. They’re righteous stalwarts and brave heroes. They root out and face down corruption with their hearts as well as their sidearms. The irony and anti-heroism I expected to find aren’t in the game.

I think what I like admire about Tweet is the broad range of his game design creds — Ars Magica and d20 3.0 on one end of the spectrum; Everway and Over the Edge on the other. I switch-hit between the crunchy near-skirmish-rules games and the oogly-googly diceless stuff as the mood catches me, and I like a game designer with that same degree of variation.


  1. Lou and I shared an elevator with Mr. Tweet on the way out of our hotel to dinner, Sunday night at GenCon. He still had his badge on, so we could recognize him. Turns out he must have been on our floor too, as he got in on the floor we got in on.
    We commented to him that we had played one of his early games that morning – our Everway game, run by Kat Miller. Alas, we didn’t have time for a longer discussion, as we headed in different directions. He seemed pleased that folk were still playing it, and said he’d even heard of our GM.

  2. Doyce, I hate to tell ya, but this just isn’t doing it for me. It could be the lack of information, but I doubt it — to be honest, it sounds too straightforward.
    Dunno. Can we play a couple of fast and silly one- or two-shot games, and then pick something?

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