Weekend in gaming

Friday: Played InSpectres, in which our heros (a hooker, an ex-mormon mechanic, a fringe-fringe-FRINGE scientist, and a cold-war MI-5 operative frozen in stasis since 1960) open a new franchise juuuuust off the Strip in Las Vegas… in an abandoned Elvis Wedding Chapel.
Then they saved a haunted zoo. Much fun.
Saturday: I mugged a few people and forced them to convert their d20 Living Jungle Characters over to “Heroquest: Malatra.” Things went… confusingly, but I have some pretty high hopes for this marriage of Setting and System, once I work out all the kinks.
Sunday: Jackie was at the consortium playing ViD. Justin and I (at his request) made up a character for Paladin (a ranger-type on a mission from the Sword of Heaven Order) and played through the first encounter. Justin grasped the basic resolution mechanics as quickly as I could dredge them out of my rusty memory, and had a good time playing the guy in shining armor. Fun. (And more on that later.)