Sorcerer, Grimm Therapy, Session 5

When we last left our heroes…
Kermit, Jason, and Nicky were in a knock-down, drag-out brawl with the Big Man in an abaondoned factory.

Hmm. I should have written this up earlier, when it hadn’t been so long, so here’s a list of the facts:
During the fight at the warehouse:
– Nicky got pretty worn out in the fight, but did manage to bring the bad man down by spitting caustic acid in his ear.
– The Bad Man managed to dredge up Kid Z’s arch-nemisis (Doctor Blackheart), who burst into the factory with Polly — er, that is Deanna — in his clutches. He stunned Super Megabot Z and flew off with Deanna in his clutches. Kid Z figures he’s headed back to Castle Blackheart (on the Otherside).
– Meanwhile, Kid Z and Kermit managed to Contain the evil sock monkey demon in an old stainless steel lunchbox.
Kermit calls the cops to come to the factory before the Bad Man wakes up, and the kids notice on the news later that they caught the Bad Man and that one of the three missing girls was still alive (which was kind of a surprise).
Jason went home, trying to figure out who to call in on his heroic mission to Go Save Polly — er, Deanna — from Doctor Blackheart, but Katelyn was way ahead of him.