Heroquest, Spring Fountain: 1

On Friday, the group for whom I normally GM DnD got together to play Heroquest. I’ve been nudging at the group to try something other than d20, and I’ve had a good responses from individual players in the past (with one exception, everyone in the game has played at least one session of what I’ll lazily term “forge games” — four have played InSpectres (but not together), four have played Sorcerer (though, again, not together, and not the same four), et cetera — but this would be the first time that the gaming group as a group would be trying out a more narrative (if not specifically narrativist) system.
This came about largely because one of the players couldn’t make the regular game (out of town for the holidays), and we’re coming close to the end of that campaign, and no one wants anyone to miss anything, so there was an opening. We ran almost 100 percent of (list method) character generation using a player-briefing that I posted to my wiki followed by lots of emails. Lots. The character briefing and character sheets are viewable here.
Between the basic setup and the characters that were presented, I’m half-expecting things to devolve into a Blood Opera, but I’m okay with that. 🙂
Anyway, here’s summary of what went down.

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