Well, for those of you interested in such things, you’ll remember me discussing “Forge terminology” off and on here; like a “Crunchy” game system or whatever.
Well, if you’d ever wondered what the hell I was talking about, but didn’t want to read a bunch of Forge Theory, check this out: RandomWiki – TheoryTopics.

This is a collection of theory topics, concepts, and glossary ideas in role-playing theory — in particular ideas and terminology from The Forge. You can browse by the first letter of the term using the links above.
The idea is for this to be like an encyclopedia with references. Pick a term or topic from browsing or add in a new one. Then add in links to important Forge threads relevant to that topic by putting them in the “References” list.

A glossary of all the Forgeite terms terminology from all over the intarnetweb and RPG theory, including Robin Laws’ stuff and so forth, which IMO makes it even more useful as a reference, complete with definitions and links back to the articles or discussions that coined them.
It’s awesome. What’s even more awesome is that, while it’s on RandomWiki (ostensibly ‘my’ wiki), it wasn’t my work. John Kim, having gotten a green light from me, went ahead and created the whole thing.
In one night.

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