Probably the only time I’ll mention the SG.

Looking for a supergroup on City of Heroes? Enjoy playing your character … in character? Want a little roleplay to go with Evil Smashing?
On Champion server, I cannot recommend the Alliance of Champions enough. This is a ‘macro-supergroup’ of allied roleplaying Super Groups, all under one banner. The Alliance includes:
1. The Freedom Phalanx: Avengers-style global-view super group with forum-supported/-augmented in-game plots. This is a large SG with 50+ characters involved… usually at least a dozen folks logged in, from levels 6 to 45.
2. The (nascent) Liberty Force. A red-white-and-blue, US-aligned SG — it’s been around awhile, but never really got off the ground until a new set of folks took it over and have started ramping it up to grow to a level on par with the Phalanx.
3. The Storm Knight (local 23). A **VERY** RPG-based, time-traveling, dimension-hopping supergroup, with tons of localized plots going on and lots of irreverent fun. If one of your characters just happens to be a ‘port’ from some table-top RPG or another… you’ll fit right in here. Very strong Torg influence to the player-designed plots that are going on.
4. Defend the Galaxy with the Galaxy Guardians! One of the only SG’s I know that’s gone cross-server… this SG was started on Guardian as a way for folks to take part in a Green Lantern-style organization, and has grown out to Champion in recent weeks, where it’s just getting started.
5. Finally, The Prelude to Justice, where daily gameplay and daily in-character Forum posting isn’t just the norm, it’s a membership requirement. Easily the most intensive roleplay, combining play-by-forum and in-game play — it’s a little too much for me, but it suits some folks right down to the ground.
Check the whole page, or visit the forums.

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