Probably the only time I’ll mention the SG.

Looking for a supergroup on City of Heroes? Enjoy playing your character … in character? Want a little roleplay to go with Evil Smashing?
On Champion server, I cannot recommend the Alliance of Champions enough. This is a ‘macro-supergroup’ of allied roleplaying Super Groups, all under one banner. The Alliance includes:
1. The Freedom Phalanx: Avengers-style global-view super group with forum-supported/-augmented in-game plots. This is a large SG with 50+ characters involved… usually at least a dozen folks logged in, from levels 6 to 45.
2. The (nascent) Liberty Force. A red-white-and-blue, US-aligned SG — it’s been around awhile, but never really got off the ground until a new set of folks took it over and have started ramping it up to grow to a level on par with the Phalanx.
3. The Storm Knight (local 23). A **VERY** RPG-based, time-traveling, dimension-hopping supergroup, with tons of localized plots going on and lots of irreverent fun. If one of your characters just happens to be a ‘port’ from some table-top RPG or another… you’ll fit right in here. Very strong Torg influence to the player-designed plots that are going on.
4. Defend the Galaxy with the Galaxy Guardians! One of the only SG’s I know that’s gone cross-server… this SG was started on Guardian as a way for folks to take part in a Green Lantern-style organization, and has grown out to Champion in recent weeks, where it’s just getting started.
5. Finally, The Prelude to Justice, where daily gameplay and daily in-character Forum posting isn’t just the norm, it’s a membership requirement. Easily the most intensive roleplay, combining play-by-forum and in-game play — it’s a little too much for me, but it suits some folks right down to the ground.
Check the whole page, or visit the forums.


  1. So … talk to us a bit about SGs. What are their purposes? How do you find them useful, interesting, etc. Are they there for RP, or are they there to provide a supply of team mates, or what?
    I ask because the SG I was invited into around level 5 with Velvet has never provided me all that much, their web site isn’t all that interesting, and my participation with them has been minimal.

  2. Wow. That’s a big question.
    And I get it — the first SG I was in with any character was… very much like what you’re describing.
    Worse, since it faded into nothing pretty damn quick.
    I think the lion’s share of the SG’s are really meant to be little more than a permanent Team-up, or a Friends List with a channel of its own and an excuse to have a slightly different costume.
    And that’s about it. Fine by me.
    The bigger groups… the one’s that are more organized… the ‘real’ groups, if you’ll pardon my arrogance, are more than that.
    a) Online friends and allies.
    People that you like.
    b) Support network.
    “Guys, I need a hand with these Vahzilok.”
    “What’s a ‘Crey Medic’? Are they dangerous?”
    “Oh hell, I just dropped 54,000 influence on six of the wrong kind of enhancement!”
    “Ugh… what power should I get?”
    c) Pool of cool teammates.
    Now, the bigger the group, the more likely this will work out for you. The Phalanx has about 55 people, and that works out to about 6 to 12 people on most nights, varying levels, with thicker clumps in the 20 to 30 range. That’s about a 20% online presence, so adjust accordingly for an SG of 10 people.
    d) Folks who ‘get’ what you’re doing.
    d-1) You’re in the Elements? Well, you know that it’s okay that you and the rest of the folks in your SG have more than a passing, polite interest in leveling. Conversation will be businesslike and efficient. Chatting in mid-mission is not done, and generally confines itself to ‘Boss’, ‘add!’, ‘snipe’, ‘pulling’, ‘found it’, and ‘need a Bounce Back’.
    d-2) You’re in the Phalanx? You know that the folks in your SG will be chatting during the missions, in character: swearing about fascist mystic vampires, asking about where each other grew up… do your folks know you’re a ‘hero’… what a ‘hero’ *is*, and why those Crey Medics keep taking skin samples from you during fights.
    I know some folks that swear they wouldn’t still be playing if it weren’t for what the SG offered.
    I don’t know that I’d go that far, cuz I know people online irrespective of the SG.. I play several characters who aren’t in SG’s.
    But I play them less. The first character to get into an SG *became* my main, by virtue of the fact that he’s simply got a wider range of fun stuff to do.
    Ditto my second character — Rose is level 16 17: so far, I’ve been in 8-person grande-melees in Brickstown, Independance Port, and a number of other places I have NO business being but for the grace of the “all for one, one for all, and EVERYONE ON THE TOTEM SPIRIT, GET ‘IM!” attitude of the Storm Knights (Local 23).
    It just fosters a sense of “Norm!” that I enjoy.
    For best result, just apply for membership into one of the SG’s I mentioned (*coff*Phalanx*coff*) and see if you dig it.
    There’s a two-way, 15-day probationary period. It’s not like you’re getting married.

  3. Nice and timely since MoFo got asked to join a group last night. Going to do some checking on them tonight, find out what they are up to.
    Though I’ll probably have one of my other characters join phalanx to compare and contrast.

  4. I’d be very interested in hearing a comparison between your two experiences, once you’ve had a chance to settle in.

  5. Forgot to ask about Heor Corp: Freelancers.
    Is that a dead group, or are they just really picky?

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