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  1. For Jiong, this felt a lot less successful of a session than Ep. 1 — largely because it was lots of magic talk and very little duty and sword talk. I actually hated being pulled away from my conversation with Feng (?) to see what the Kitty was doing because it was just the sort of conversation that I *should* have been having. 🙂
    You nailed it with Kitten playing the, er, Kitten. She’s much more into being a GM (“You go here, and you are this character, and you say this”) than being a player and having to deal with a situation of someone else’s conjuration. That’ll come. Plus, she was still a little on the brittle side, ear infection-wise.
    As with all things, familiarity with the system will help in the long run. I liked the Li/Li battle, but it also took a frell of a long time to do (I’m guessing at least 45 minutes) as every factor was considered and pursued. You’re right that it pulled in all the stuff it should have, and it was more satisfying than “This round I swing engage in Brawling with him. Next round I use my Intimidate,” but it still felt very, very slow.
    That all said, it was still fun.

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