CoH: Herding

After some HEAVY tanking work this weekend, in which Gilly dinged 18 and Hyperthermian dinged 15, 16, 17, and 18 (YAY!), this post has some relevance to me: Guide to Herding
Lets start with the Why’s of herding.

Why do we herd? That is a good question with several different responses. The one that we will focus on in this discussion is to herd villains up into a tight and manageable group so that a team can quickly and effectively deal with a dangerous situation. A responsible tanker herds to ensure his teams safety during a potentially debt ridden encounter, not to just expedite the completion of a mission. Please remember that the bottom line for a tanker is the safety of your group. So the “why do we herd” reasonably needs to be answered with something along the lines of “helping to protect your wards”.

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