Week in Review

Dinged 20 with Hype and Syn, got new costumes (dress-up stuff for both of em), and RP’d Syn’s birthday celebration. Really good stuff.
Heroquest, now up to the six or seventh session, is tooling right along and picking up momentum on it’s own. Very happy with this campaign.
Friday-night-to-Saturday Morning:
Ran the Synapse Task Force with Hype and Syn in a two-person team. Pretty much flawless success: Hype hasn’t seen the inside of a hospital since level 10, I think. It’s been awhile.
Saturday Afternoon:
Crashed from from 5 to noon, got up, got organized, and ran the Sister Psyche TF with Hype, Syn, Psi-clone, P-Siren, and Shadow.Cat. Again, success. Damn near flawless, except for a bit of bad luck GETTING to the first mission. Ugh.
Not much playing. Dusted off Rose.Red a bit. Messed around with Hang Time, doing a mission I pretty much have to do alone. Did the cape missions for Hype and Syn (though it’s unlikely we’ll ever wear any), and RP’d a bit more — some good plot stuff coming up there.
Grabbed and updated a complete Task Force List.
End result:
Since I mentioned it last week, Hyperthermian’s dinged 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, and is a bubble off of 24. No one ELSE has leveled since last weekend, but that’s okay… Hype is currently having a VERY successful run and some cool RP, so it’s all good.


  1. Cool!
    so, how long did it take for your run on the Sister Psyche? And what happened on the way to the first mission?
    Wow…24th already…cool!

  2. The very first mission in the TF was up in the north part of IP… one of the ‘red zones’.
    Let’s see… at that point, I think…
    Hype and Syn and Cat were 21.
    PC and PS were… 22? Think so.
    So… we get to the entrance and there’s… 5 or 6 deep purple Family outside the door. Level 26 mooks and LTs.
    We were discussing invis to get into the mission, and our last member showed up, and in getting grouped together, we wandered too close to a purple boss (so conning at something like +5 and +6 to us) — consigliere grav-controller type… not good. I think everyone but Hype and Syn ate pavement and had to get back up before the guy went down. Not pretty.
    Other than that, it rocked. Think it was about 9 hours.

  3. Yes. it was a very inauspicious start — but it got all the carpet — well, dirt — sucking out of the way.
    Indeed, the only real trouble any of us got into was outside of missions while wandering apart.

  4. Ok…So last night…is it a good thing or a bad thing that I had no clue it was 12:30?
    I was having so much fun watching the interplay between Fidget and MysticHunter as they played with happy meal toys, I completely lost my sense of time.

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