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Because I need *this* shit today…

RandomWiki has been vandalized.
If you grok wiki at all and understand the ‘restore’ function, I’d ask your assistance in fixing things.
Dave, you might want to check HikiWiki.

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I think I got it all.
The guy rat bastard was using a script to read the wiki pages and create a new page for any ‘orphan’ link… so things like… profile pages for people that never filled theirs in. Et cetera. Anything that looked [Like This]?.
Should be cleaned up, and a lot harder for that script to do anything now.

I keep track of my HikiWiki RSS feed, and once or twice a week a particular page will get hacked. I reverse the damage, then slap a password on it. Since I don’t run much of a collaborative wiki (using it more as a content manager for my own lazy ass), that’s not too much of a problem.
Annoyingly, at least one hacker has put the same pages into a regular rotation script, meaning that a couple of times a day, I get a message showing how s/he was *un*able to do anything on those pages. Still annoying.

Oh, and sorry, Doyce — for some reason I didn’t see this feed, and so didn’t lend a hand. Though it looks like you got it pretty quickly.

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