Dings in Review

As noted, here, since the last update to the Wiki records on the 19th, Hype’s dinged 33, 34, and 35. In the process, Hype and Syn ran the Manticore Task Force on Friday with Psi-Clone (***Dave), Amorpha (Margie), Puck Bunny (Stan), and three other people I’ll categorize as “a mistake to include,” to greater or lesser degrees.
Saturday was just random missions and a really nice team-up at the end of the night.
3 levels in 7 days sounds pretty impressive, until I mention that Shock dinged 47 and 48 in that period of time, so go her.
I think Jackie and I are both trying to get our mains (and I use that term in air-quotes in my case) to 50 before d-day. Jackie might: she’s got 18 bubbles to go. I probably won’t, with 24 left and Jury Duty looming tomorrow.
Very frustrating day on Sunday, with lots of debt and lots bleah, playing HT. Whatever. I’ve run into another 40-45 level contact that still wants to give me missions, which is frustrating as hell since I can’t get the missions I want at MY level and I’m stuck in a bunch of time-wasting things with nothing but blue and white cons (assuming I crank the difficulty up, which then makes the ambushes deadly). Anyway.

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