CoH: Eden Trial

I’m not putting this up on the forums, because I’ve no intention at all of making this a free-for-all, first come, first served kind of arrangement because, frankly, the Eden Trial is a stone cold nightmare and I want to pick and choose the team. Most of the team reads this site, so…
Here’s what I’m thinking.

* Hype and Syn will be level 39 tonight sometime, probably. This brings the Eden Trial within range, technically.
* Because of the extremely narrow level-range for the trial, SK-ing to the auto-exemped (to level 41) level 50’s won’t be possible.
This means the options are:
1. Run it ‘now’ (this weekend):
** Cons: Everything will be +4 to Hype and Syn (not really a big deal, but suboptimal for getting Holds and buffs off).
** Pros: Avoids the big changes from i5 that will upgrade this Trial from Nasty to Hellish.
2. Run it ‘later’ (when Hype and Syn get to 41):
** Con: I5 will most probably be in place by that point, making the whole thing an experiment in finding out what will work (all the holds are short duration, etc.).
** Pros: Everyone involved will be around the level-max, making the group as a whole more effective, and if the ‘bug’ with level 41’s autoexemping to… level 41 is still in place, I don’t have to worry about debt when we try out different ways of beating this thing.
My optimal group for this would be:
1. Hype
2. Syn
3. Shock
4. Kin
5. Mal
Beyond that:
6. Another blaster
7. Someone else with Holds (Puck needs 4 more levels, alas)
8. Another tank

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