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Few quick updates:
Shade Dancer: Level 10 and fun as heck to play.
Lightborne: Level 8, a semi-solid background, but no chance to RP with him yet, so no personality yet — generally no more or less playable than any other AT — haven’t found him more or less survivable than a blaster once I’m in melee, though I can see that possibly changing.
Hype and Syn: Still 38th, so doing the Eden Trial this weekend seems iffy, unless it’s maybe Sunday, specially if the hurricane in Florida doubles back from the gulf.
Statesman said at GenCon that I5 would roll this week, but he was then sent to the doc for an illness, so that seems to have delayed things.
Unless they do what they did with the last big release Issue 3 and drop it to the servers Friday afternoon.


  1. Welp. Unless they choose to update it during the weekend ( “Lets rollout a major patch during the couple of days of the week that most of our programming staff probably has off!” ) it looks like we are Issue 5 free until next week.
    I still think it’ll be next Tuesday myself.
    On the plus side, I got info on pretty much all of the I5 badges except Cabalist now. I *think* that one is the new TF badge, but uncertain still.
    There is a new Accolade though, but its power is really weird. Basically reverse Eye of the Magus. +Recharge, +Recover, +Acc, -Defense.

  2. Cabalist badge could be a Kill X Badge. The Cabal is one of the new Croatoa villains. They are cute witches that love to fly around and zap you with electricity.
    On a side note the best part of Croatoa is that the villains fight each other and do real damage. Having trouble is a vicious Red Cap, drag him to the group of Fir Bolg pumpkin men over there and they will help. Of course once they take out the Red Cap you will have to deal with them. This is true in and out of missions.

  3. Yeah. Croatoa is sounding very cool to me. Not sure why so many people dissed it so heavily.
    Looking forward to getting to the battlefield in the north of the zone and watching the big Red Cap and Fir Bolg armies fight it out. Apparently that is where Jack-in-Irons and Eochai are to be found for their two monster defeat badges.
    If the Cabal badge is a kill badge ( all the Croatoa ones apparently take 333 kills to earn ) then the “X times a Victor” must be the only TF badge and it is for having beaten some boss-lady a number of times. 10 times and you get the witch hat costume item made available. No idea yet if that is how you get the new Accolade or not. Haven’t found info on how to earn it yet.

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