coh Stuff

Few quick updates:
Shade Dancer: Level 10 and fun as heck to play.
Lightborne: Level 8, a semi-solid background, but no chance to RP with him yet, so no personality yet — generally no more or less playable than any other AT — haven’t found him more or less survivable than a blaster once I’m in melee, though I can see that possibly changing.
Hype and Syn: Still 38th, so doing the Eden Trial this weekend seems iffy, unless it’s maybe Sunday, specially if the hurricane in Florida doubles back from the gulf.
Statesman said at GenCon that I5 would roll this week, but he was then sent to the doc for an illness, so that seems to have delayed things.
Unless they do what they did with the last big release Issue 3 and drop it to the servers Friday afternoon.

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