More examples of why I love playing Hype :)

Pretty normal weekend. Mom-in-Law was in town, so Jackie and I had lots of ‘free’ time. M-i-L fooishly thought this would mean us going out to a movie or something, but there was nothing much out that we both wanted to see, so… CoH!
Hype and Syn, if I remember right, and some time on the kheldians.
Saturday, deleted Lightborne and rerolled him as Epitaph — same background, same basic build (but taken in an order more accurate to the background, etc.)… put in his application with the Guard.
Saturday afternoon, Hype and Syn participated in the CoJ “Cavern of Transcendance” Trial, which has been nicknamed the Cavern of Pain for some very good reasons that… just didn’t seem to apply here.
As Syn-player said, “This is not the trial I ran with [my other character]. This was fun!”
And it was. We smoked that thing in record time. No deaths. Hype got to mess around and fight some of the baddies while standing down in the lava (a trick I first pulled with Archon Burkholder in the Hess TF), and Dave’s group-friendly build of Honey was a total godsend.
Sunday consisted of a really late start with Hype and Syn, since the morning was an interminably-slow-starting run on the Fortune Teller mission with Epitaph (already level 7) and a bunch of folks, OOC. The TF Twins picked up Omega Level clearance from the Vice-President (revealing to us one of the Really Cool Secrets of The Game) and tore most of the way through the “Terra” Devouring Earth arc, then we pulled together a ‘Dream Team’ to run the Eden Trial, recounted here.
I’d done this trial with HT; it was fun at the time, but mah boy died like… 8 times? Nasty, nasty trial.
This time?
Flawless. Fast. Fun. No deaths. Just… awesome. Hype and Syn also dinged 40 in the process.
So, this weekend: Cavern and Eden Trials — both cakewalks.
Might have something to do with folks we play with, I think.

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