1. On the plus side…there are a whole lot less Reese things for you to deal with today. 🙂

  2. No idea. I’ve been trying to slap tech support silly today to get the db server back up and too lagged to get in game to ask.

  3. My biggest problem with doing it today is that Healing Rayne isn’t going to be on today — he and the Rest of the Family are AFK at Disneyworld for the next couple days.

  4. I did not know that about Rayne et al….Yes…hard for you to get the bribe if you can’t do the bribe activity 🙂

  5. The site is currently down because the main hosting facility in LA is currently without power and has, in fact, been evacuated and emergency services aren’t letting people back into the building yet.
    Finally got through on their phone support number. Had been wondering why the call queue was so tied up. Apparently 90% of their clients are hosted there and without sites right now.

  6. You don’t think this is our bosses’ way of ensuring that we actually do *work* during the day, do you? By taking out our prime time-waster?
    Not to be all conspiratorial and all, but think about it…

  7. Well…I *do* work for power generation and transmission provider….hrmmm.
    Also…had an odd moment last night. When I logged on Zazi…she got the war walls badge.
    Very confused by that.

  8. Next Monday now…and I am going through Forum withdral….

  9. Forums are back up, but some days have apparently been lost.
    One moment while I go spew some more hate at California and their utility technicians and hosting companies that keep too many days of backups in one facility.

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