CoH: The Weekend in Tights

I know, you guys want some Actual Play reports from my face to face games…
Well, we’ve got a three-week old, and one of the players in our regular Friday night game has Friday night classes til, like… Thanksgiving or some damn thing — CoH is pretty much all the roleplay gaming that we can manage right now.
Aside from Hype and Syn Task Force Ownage, what else was going on?
– Strat got to 30 last week, and he and Partner X have been running Croatoa. Love the zone — definitely ranks up there with Striga (though Striga suits Strat a bit better :). The place makes good use of the new powersets and mission types, also — sonic witch bosses are TeH Suck, and escorting an Archery Defender out of a mission yesterday got Strat a 75-shot bow and arrow Temp Power, which is just PERFECT for him, and for pulling mobs.
((Ironically, I’d already been joking about how I should drop a building on Strat, hospitalize him for awhile and break him really badly so I’d have to reroll him as an Trick Arrow/Archery Defender. So… tempting. If Strat wasn’t working a lot with another character I’d then have to catch up to, I think I’d have already done it — as it stands, between that and the fact I already have Centreshot to play with, I probably won’t.))
Still, he looks pretty cool with the bow.
Also, had a pretty good scene with Strat this weekend — he’ll be visiting the opera soon — catch one of the showings of Elena. Should be fun to write.
– Didn’t get any Shade Dancer time this weekend. Maybe Tuesday. Tri-form is a bit of a slog to deal with, but it’s worth it for The Funny, alone.
Epitaph joined the Phoenix Guard this weekend (finally, we’ve played merry hell trying to set up the interview), and between that and Sunday (teamed up with Geo and Spark to ding 10 and Midnite Tempest to ding 11) I got a lot of good playtime on him and (most importantly) got a lot better sense of his character. Gameplay-wise I really like the human-form-only Peacebringer build, especially when there’s a defender or two around to push my Resistances up and let me play at mini-tanking — the mix of ranged blasts, melee smackdown, and decent defense means I’ve got something to do regardless of what mood I’m in. There aren’t many level-ups in the foreseeable future that I’m *not* looking forward to for one reason or another.
Notable moment: actually had a moment of regret not being able to keep playing Epitaph later into last evening when we first switched over to Hype and Syn.
– No time on Centershot and his pair-up with Timbre — maybe soon.
– Played around with Gilly a bit, just testing the new build. Soloing with her is dog-slow at the level she’s at and won’t change until the mid-20’s — and there’s isn’t anything going on with the lowbie alts that I wouldn’t rather be playing someone else most of the time — I’d probably delete her if it she weren’t such a hoot to roleplay.
– … and Hangtime is still 50. 🙂


  1. Since Puck can solo now….I have been moving through my levels and my story arcs before I get a chance to out level them. (it is so nice to be able to see full arcs with contacts instead of petering out at the first bar like I was.

  2. Syn and Hype have had to play a very careful game with the contacts at most levels — something we didn’t really figure out until about halfway through Striga — in order to see the maximum amount of content:
    1. Get a list of all the available contacts we have for a level range.
    2. Use a cleaned up, smaller version of the table of Contacts that Vidiotmaps has, converted to Excel, to see which contact does what kind of missions.
    3. Pick one person for each type of baddie, then divide contacts between the two of us, so there’s no duplicate missions and between the two of us we get as many arcs as we can… there’s still alot of arc-based badges we don’t have, which is annoying. I might go the exact opposite way with Epitaph and have him do NO unexemped tf’s, so I don’t run into the problem of the TF leveling me past content.
    At levels 35-40, this meant Syn had the Nem and DE guy, and I had Council and Crey (and the Rikti guy that comes in later). For levels 40-45, we’ve both got THREE contacts (I’ve got Portal, Malta, and Carnies while she has Crey, Nem, and Rikti) — going to be really hard to finish anything up so we’ll probably each focus hard on one contact each (thinking Portal and Rikti) until their bar is full, then move to the next.

  3. Uhm. Defenders and Tankers push up damage output for PBRs, not resistances. Blasters and Scrappers push up the PBR resistance I believe. It is reversed between PBRs and Shades. Controllers give both a bit of mez resistance.

  4. I think it was that PBRs are what the rest of the team isn’t ( damage dealers increase dam resist, support people increase damage output ) and Shades are more of what the rest of the team is.
    But my net connection is so awful I can’t get into CoH right now to find out and CoHPlanner didn’t seem to list the power.

  5. That makes sense, as the PBR version of the power is called Cosmic Balance and the ‘Shade version is something more… parasitic-sounding.
    And I found a Kheldian FAQ that spells that out… I just read it once on the ‘shade and figured it was all the same for both.

  6. Ooh. Does the FAQ list the actual percentage bonuses you get from having team members? Been meaning for a while to figure out just what it would take to get a human form Kheld up to Nova form damage in terms of party build.

  7. I highly recommend the Kheldian FAQ ( ) though it’s comparison numbers vs. Blasters probably isn’t accurate in i5.
    According to that FAQ:
    * +20% Damage bonus for each Tanker and Defender
    * +10% Resist bonus for each Scrapper and Blaster
    * +2 Mag Protection to Sleep, Hold and Disorient effects per Controller
    * No bonus from other Kheldians
    * +20% Damage bonus for each Scrapper and Blaster
    * +10% Resist bonus for each Tanker and Defender
    * +2 Mag Protection to Sleep, Hold and Disorient effects per Controller
    * No bonus from other Kheldians

    It alsos lists some interesting stuff my Warshade will want to know about how many targets you need to hit with Sunless Mire to hit the damage cap, and so forth… pretty good.
    That said, the whole Kheldian Guide thread in the Kheldian forum area is useful.

  8. Note that the very last post in that FAQ thread has updated i5 numbers for Dwarf Form resistance and the PBR Humanform shields.
    Looks like you’d need… three or four Blasters or Scrappers while in human form to hit the resistance cap, now… or six-slotted resistance on the Dwarf form.

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