CoH: Planner Update

Joe Chott’s got his numbers updated in Hero Planner, as well as adding the new Archetypes. A few notes:
* FF numbers are still the old numbers. Maxed out Defender’s DB is 22% Def with white SO’s. Little Bubbles max def is 33%. Controllers get 80% of that effectiveness.
* Invul tankers with +1 SO’s can hit the Smash/Lethal resistance cap by simply six-slotting Temp Invul and Unyeilding with Resistance. Since I (a) have some endurance ‘issues’ at the moment (b), have Resist Physical Damage bought and 3-slotted and (c) used her free-spec already, this means I can slot Endurance Cost Reduction in those two toggles and still hit the cap. I’d probably just do one EndRdx in each, since anything more than that in Unyeilding makes my non-S/L resistances suck even more. I predict that minor change will give Gilly a lot more longevity, even pre-Stamina. Cool.

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