CoH: The Task Force Twins, coming soon to a dimension near you.

Lesse, since last update on the Wiki…
Hype and Syn have dinged 42 and 43. 43 came about four missions into running the first Shadow Shard Task Force: Explorers and Exploiters. We’re basically doing it duo — Kin and Shock are hopping online when we need 3 or 4 people for the simul-click missions (and so they can get the Badge — they’ve both already DONE the TF back before the Badge was awarded, and they wants it, precious). Like the Positron TF, the thing runs you all over the place (both in the Shard and Paragon City), puts you up against three different faction groups, has no AV at the end, and is Gawd. Awful. Long. Posi’s about 16 missions? E&E is 24. The Third Shadow Shard TF is 33. Oy.
Anyway, there’s crap out there for a decent E&E TF Guide, so I built a Shadow Shard TaskForce 1 Checklist myself. I used this when HT ran it, and I’m updating this time through with notes on where the simul-click missions are, and how many people you need for each, because we waited around all day Sunday to get four people online only to find out that the mission only needed three folks. (The same stupid mistake I made LAST time. 😛 )
We’ve been running the thing with our mission slider set to Rugged, but it was getting boring, so we set it back up to Invincible last night and knocked out a few more missions. Everything’s been running smoothly, and the only (2) hospital trips (we don’t carry Awakens) came from Gravity Geyser jumps gone horribly awry.
We dinged about 3 or 4 missions in… we’re 15 missions through now, out of 24, and we’re halfway to 44 — chances are very good we’ll hit during the TF. Something tells me our ‘regular’ contacts are going to be pissed at us when we get back home. (“You’ve been hanging out with that whore Quarterfield in the Shard, haven’t you? HAVEN’T YOU?!?”)
That part actually kinda sucks — I like the 40-45 contacts a lot — cool story arcs, and we’re going to be struggling to finish any of them up before we’re once again too high for their missions. The annoying thing THERE is that we’ll still be GETTING their missions, but they’ll be maxed out at the level 45 ceiling (47, with the dial turned up) and thus kinda boring and easy. This is the same problem we’ve had at 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 — leveling too fast for the content, even when we split up the contacts between the two of us.
Was really hoping to get the “Hyperthermian, Destroyer of Worlds” mission — never got it on HT — dunno if I will now.
Maybe we should turn the TF dial back down to ‘yawn’, just to get less XP?

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