More Cavern of Transcendance Smackdown: Sign up

Short version:
Lee (War Bones, Invul/Mace Tank, Freedom Phalanx — formerly Hushman/Cap’n Carnage/etc) has the Cavern of Transcendance Trial and wants to run it. Forum’s down, so I’m posting it here:
I cannot recommend this enough: with the people that we already have in this thing, we have the tools and player-skill necessary to own this thing, so what you’re signing up for is two hours of fun. I learned literally every good (and bad 🙂 trick I know about tanking from Lee, and he’s also a funny bastard… I’m glad he’s back in the game.
When: Weeknight. I want to be aggressive and say “Monday Night, 8pm EDT, 6pm CDT.” If that doesn’t work, then Tuesday, same time.
1. War Bones, Invul Tank (I get to point and laugh at all the fire damage he’s taking! woo!)
2. Epitaph, Peacebringer Blapper
3. Intuition, Illusion/Kinetics Controller (Int has Superior Invis and Recall Friend, the one-two punch that will pwn this Trial.)
4. Either Fencing Muse (scrapper) or Midnite Tempest (dark/kin defender), depending on what we need.
Sign up in the comments, folks. (And lemme know if Monday or Tuesday works better.)


  1. I could do it Tuesday night, but got a thing tonight (monday) that’ll keep me from gaming. And actaully, was going to ask if anyone else was going to be around Tuesday to dash through some more exciting Praetorian AV missions.
    Noelle’s a bare 41K from level 48, and I’d love to finish off the Praetorian arc for the Accolade.

  2. Noe,
    Praetorians on Tuesday sounds cool. Hype and Syn need to get back out to the Shard for a bit and finish up the Nem Badge as well.
    Back on the Cavern thing — and to all the rest of you no-posting people — what nights, if not Monday and Tuesday, would work?

  3. ((Wants to finish the Praetorian Arc for the Accolade.))
    YEah… that’s gonna be tough. Have to get all the Praetorians… including Tyrant. It’s difficult to manage.

  4. Which actually ties in with a question I had… somewhere. Does it count if you do the Praetorians on other people’s missions, or do they have to be yours? Like, if we take out Black Swan and Diabolique on Kin’s missions, and Shadowhunter and Dominatrix on mine, and the all powerfully evil Tyrant on Mal’s… do we all get the credit?

  5. Oh, and Tuesday for definate. Maybe Friday. And I signed up for a TF on Saturday afternoon, but I may have time around it. Tonight I have a fun reading to go to, Wednesday is Lost (hooray for new tv episodes!) and Thursday I have a doctor’s appt. Aren’t you all excited you know my whole schedule?
    But I do want to run it some other time, feel free — I already have the badge, and was just gonna come along to help if you needed it.

  6. 1) Yeah, you just have to be in on the defeat to get credit.
    2) Is this the first ep of the new Lost season? (*looks anxiously for the Lost Season 1 DVD to show up so he can see the last couple eps first.)

  7. I’m going out Tuesday to be Social at People, but will give a /tell when I get in. Best I can do, alas.
    As I recall, the Praetorian Accolade, Portal Jerky….er Jocky doesn’t require Tyrant. Mal got his last week after finally meeting Bobcat and her Cat-a-rangs.

  8. Sign me up for whenever…we decide to do it. 🙂

  9. You know that I own you for all the previous attempts. Wish I had seen this before Honeygun/ Taste of honey go deleted.

  10. Taste of Honey Got deleted too?
    Oh, Doyce…I think you mean: pwnd!

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