“snatching victory from the jaws of defeat…”

Geko Talks about Vigilance

Vigilance is not about being a good or bad Defender. Its about giving you that extra help when your teammates need it most. It is there for those low to mid level Defenders who have to defend a large team on their own. Vigilance should also reduce the need for powers like Stamina. It should also reduce the need for Endurance Discount Enhancements, allowing the Defender more slotting options. It will help you resurrect that defeated teammate, or use that mega power and not have to wait until you have enough Endurance. Its about ensuring you can cast your Twilight Grasp when your team is surrounded and you have used all your Endurance casting Tenebrous Tentacles. Its about ensuring that your Dispersion Bubble wont fall because you left Sprint on.

It’s all Well-said. Damn near poignant
Dunno if I agree with him, but it helps me not dislike the power. I only hate that it does nothing when you’re not teamed up.
Ironically, it seems as though Syn’s had more endurance issues in the last couple days than before, but I think that’s a combination of (a) dinging and having all our enhancements go white and (b) Hype never really letting his health get low.

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