Week in review

As noted here (RandomWiki | CityOfHeroes / Home Page), Hype dinged 45 in the last week and Strat dinged both 31 and 32.
I pretty much didn’t play anyone else, and of those two characters, Strat certainly got the lion’s share of the play time, due to (1) his partner getting an incredibly cool ‘three-days only!’ temp power in Croatoa [Rune of Warding] (2) Strat getting a different 3-days-only Croatoa power [cold-iron sword] (3) Strat getting the Nemesis Lollipop (another 3-days-only-power). 32’s a big level, since it means you get the ‘biggest’ power in your main power set (the horribly mis-named Eagle Claw), and you can upgrade to level 35 enhancements for all your powers.
Strat dinged 32 about 15 minutes after wrapping up the Croatoa Task Force on Saturday which I think I like a whole bunch — it’s short, it’s to the point, and if you’ve played through all the OTHER Croatoa content, there’s a REAL sense of closure and finally getting to see behind the scenes a bit. Much fun. One bitch: the badge-mission in the TF is buggy, so getting “Ten Times the Victor” doesn’t always happen. Upside: that’s the first mission in the TF, and it’s good XP, so… not like you can just start over and try it again.
Croatoa in general is a very cool and well-done zone — a couple of the missions are REAL ball-busters, which I really respect.
I mean… REAL ball-busters — there’s one where…
Suffice it to say that there are two missions in the Croatoa arc that I, personally, think you should get frigging BADGES for, if you complete them successfully. They are HARD. The first one (defend the gate) is easily as challenging as the Terra Volta Trial. Eaaaasily.
Badges: Only badge from Croatoa Strat doesn’t have yet is the Ghost badge — mostly because there aren’t many Ghost missions… the other badges you’ll probably get just in the process of running the Zone’s content, which I highly recommend in any case.
Speaking of Badges, Hype and Syn got the Unveilder badge Sunday night, realized we’d missed a History plaque for the “Authority” badge and, with that, finally got the “Freedom Phalanx Reserve” Accolade power… which brought Hype over the 2000 hit point mark. (2009) Syn’s up over a thousand.
Probably won’t reroll Strat — I got to thinking about it this week and he’s just to tactile and physical of a character not to keep as a scrapper.
Looking forward to some interesting character stuff with him this weekend when he finds out he can’t finagle the security clearance to get where he needs to go to help rescue Sabrina.


  1. So, I assume you finished that bugged Croatoa mission with the trhee mystics? I wish I could have stuck around for it. ūüôĀ

  2. Actually, we had to start the whole thing over, Avo — it was broken.
    That’s the only problem I’ve had with some of the more intricatly coded missions in CT — they don’t always…

  3. That’s a really great mission though — I mean, killer difficult, and complicated, but so much more entertaining that your random “Defeat All.” I’d love to do it again some time at the proper level — the team I was on on Saturday raced through that and a few other missions to unlock the TF, so have our team was well above the level, and most of the red caps were grey.
    So did Strat and his partner do all right with just a team of two?

  4. No, we actually ran that with a couple folks:
    First try (bugged): Strat called Avocet and Serenity called Pizzaz from the ‘Force. The Timer countdown never started.
    Second try: Strat, Star, Pizzaz, and Bahdrun owned it pretty easily (though we did, again, have one TPK).
    While more challenging, combat-wise, it’s way easier than the ‘defend gate mission’ earlier in the arc.

  5. Do the red caps come at the gate from all sides in that one? I haven’t done that mission, and the fact that the bad guys all managed to appear from the same direction was, I thought, a little easy.

  6. They tend to come from one direction, but stopping the firbolg from touching the gate is… difficult.

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