Weekend(s) in review

So, since updating the wiki page last, let’s see:
Hyperthermian’s dinged 39, 40, and 41… and run the Eden Trial twice… and gotten Omega Level Security clearance (which is cool, since HT never got that story arc).
Strategist dinged 30 and got a new set of clothes that includes a FULLY EXPOSED FACE (*gasp*). Spending a lot of time on Banished Pantheon stuff and Croatoa, so lots of ‘magic’ type storyarcs. I’m enjoying him a lot more in i5 than I thought I would.
Shade Dancer dinged up to 12 in order to take part in a Positron TF that never materialized. Did a bit of random hunting with her/him with varying degrees of success — messed around in other people’s missions — really need to just get some solo mission time to see how the new build is working.
Deleted Lightborne, created Epitaph as a Peacebringer and got him back to about the same level. Very much enjoying this all-human build and I feel like I’ve got a lot to look forward to with the character and the AT.
Created Centreshot (it’s a type of bow) Trick Arrow/Archery Defender. Love this set. LOVE it. Very enjoyable. Very much a ‘best defense is a good offense’ kind of AT. Fun fun fun. He’s paired up with Jackie’s new Sonic Defender “Timbre” — we’re the ‘r and e are switched’ team!
Recreated Pummelcite (Stone Tanker) on (I think) Liberty to go with with Jackie’s Earth/Empathy Controller “Sphene” (it’s a rare titanium-based gemstone). Had a lot of fun with them — the Stone Armor set is a very very weird mix of Active Defenses and Passive Resistances.
HT is still level 50… and suffering amnesia at the moment. 🙂
And that’s the last two weeks or so.


  1. Still can’t wait for Lela and you to finish the Destiny Denied story.

  2. I debated TA/A (“the t&a build”) but decided that I wanted: a) to actually build a real blaster instead of just another “offender” (I only have, um, three of those… ahem) and b) to see if the energy secondary really works as advertised.
    So far so good. I’m enjoying the hell out of Archery/Energy.

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