CoH: I5: Strategist

So… logged Strat in to see what there is to be seen with regard to a respec.
Here’s my respec plan:

Right now, I have his (two) active SR toggles already maxed out with 6 Def. His ranged and melee passives each have one slot. He’s got about a 32% defense vs. Melee and Ranged, and nothing against AoE’s.
In addition, he’s got four slots each in Storm Kick, Thunder Kick, and Crane Kick, three (all acc’s) in Cobra strike (to shut off enemy toggles), and two in Dragon Tail.
Stamina is six-slotted. Everything else just has the default slot.
In all honesty, this is where I’d see him being slotted at this point ANYWAY.
There’s is, frankly, nowhere I’m willing to pull slots from to six-slot my passive defensives right now, especially since that would require 10 more slots to get a net 6% defense increase. No thanks. I’ll GET the passives… I’ll slot them MUCH MUCH later.
So, just to see what’s what, I took him into a BPantheon mission and:
1. The baddies go down quite a bit faster, becuase he hits harder now.
2. ((Shhhhh.)) I’m still not really getting hit much. I’m not flooring the Minions TH with a 32% defense, but 18% chance to hit isn’t… you know.. good odds.
And sure… I was on Heroic, but I was only on Rugged before, and the increase in XP (120 to 135% of i4) means I’m getting the same XP. Maybe more.
He’s not a mini-tanker. He never. ever. will be.
Play him like a blaster, though, and he’s just fine.

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