Everything I6, that isn’t Enhancement diversification:

Behind the cut:

Known Issues
* Synapse TF cannot be completed

Well… I’m glad we just did it, then.

PvP Zones:

Blah blah blah — it’s being analyzed to death, and the bottom line is, no one really knows how any of it will work til it’s in.

* Macros can now be edited directly from the power tray.
* You can now give inspirations to teammates by dragging them on to the team window.

Both Nice. Both should have been done six months ago.

* New targeting commands: /target_custom_near, /target_custom_far, /target_custom_next and /target_custom_prev. To get a list of parameters, type the command without any parameters.

Now that… is a lazy patch note.

* UI changes to Trade Window. You can now trade salvage and type in the amount of influence to be traded.

… and word is that the 99,999 limit is a bug and will be fixed.

* Super Reflexes Auto powers now add some minor damage resistance that improves as the caster loses HP.

Which, of course, they will, like a bullet-riddle hemophiliac.

* Pool powers: Stealth, Grant Invisibility, Invisibility, Combat Flight, Weave, Maneuvers, Vengeance, and Combat Jumping now Buff Defense to ALL attacks.

Which means you can now have a frustratingly small defense again Psi, instead of none at all.
Lesse… if Hype has combat jumping on, and is standing inside a Dispersion bubble… and someone invises him… 25? No, 29, dropping to 24.5 when he attacks… about the same as one Defense Inspiration.

* Defender/Controller Empathy Resurrect Powers Endurance cost reduced.

Which is good, because MAN you are gonna need to six- three-slot that fucker for recharge rate.

* Glue Arrow should no longer fade when the target dies.
* Poison Gas Arrow should no longer fade when the target dies.
* Flash Arrow should have Debuff FX more visible throughout the duration now.

* Fixed Teleport animation from animating twice.

I was getting that a LOT with Shade Dancer, and it was, in fact, minorly annoying.

* Some Electrical Blast, Electrical Melee and Electrical Mastery powers now have a chance to return some of the endurance they drain back to the caster.

Electrical Melee? What’s that? Anyway, minor good news for Shock, I guess.

* Force Field/Insulation Field now also buffs defense to AoE Attacks. Dispersion Bubble now also buffs defense to Melee and Ranged attacks. This will all Force Field powers to better stack with all defensive powers, even Super Reflexes, and even with multiple shields from multiple allies.

Which means everything will be functioning the way you thought it did already.

* Slightly Modified some Scrapper Martial Arts damage scales, end costs and recharge times.

If this is similar to what was done in CoV, that means that Thunder Kicks base damage went down a bit, and Crippling Axe Kick went up quite significantly. I’m unmotivated to go check at this time, as I never had CAK, so I can’t compare it to anything.

Debt Cap:
We have cut in half the amount of Debt you can carry at a maximum at any given time.

“… because rest assured, you gullible little tools are gonna be in the hospital a HELL of a lot more.”


  1. Methinks someone is displeased with the upcoming changes… Though understandably so with a good chunk of it. The fact that they’ve been using the ED system in-house since March I guess explains why they were so confused over the player-bases response to the I5 changes.
    Oddly enough, I am again somewhat at the point of having a set of characters who really don’t care about these changes.
    The big one for me will be taking my blaster and going from 1 Acc / 5 Dam to 2 Acc / 3 Dam / 1 Rng so I can start shooting things from further away to kill them before they get into melee with me. Which will be a weird freaking change I think, but no clue on really how bad it’ll be until it happens and really that is my only character that is a high enough level to particularly care.

  2. Though I swear… I wish they’d stop freaking messing with the debt cap and exp system. Making it damned near impossible to actually do all the content with one character.
    It was already next to un-doable to get all the 10-20 content since it was all those normal contacts + the Hollows content. You were almost certain to miss a mission badge if not a story-arc unless you sucked down a lot of debt.
    Now with 20-30 being Striga and 25-35 being Croatoa alongside the sudden bump in exp earning you start seeing at 25… Thinking that it will be hard to do all of the normal story-arcs and the new zone content at the same time. Oh well. *shrugs* More reasons for alts I guess.

  3. Which means more game time… more completionists signing up for a few more months…
    The slotting you’re talking about for Kin will work a lot better for Hang Time, since I’ve removed all but the one required melee attack (which is used to knock people back away from him) — he is, as much as I could possibly design him, a “pure” blaster.
    But yes… another issue that doesn’t really affect blasters much… though I’m sure their forums on the CoH boards are still on fire with bitching about SOMEthing.
    I’ll be REALLY interested in seeing how the tank stuff is going to work. REALLY interested.
    The big difference in feel I was getting between CoV and CoH was “Villains dish damage, Heroes can take it”…
    I dunno now. We’ll see. The statement about ED from the Devs was that ED was alwasy “in mind” since March… not “in play.”
    I’d log into Test to check all this out, but I’m thinking the server’s going to be CRUSHED this weekend.

  4. For my Energy tank I’ll probably end up slotting 2 Acc / 2 Dam / 1 ( or 2 ) Disorient Dur / 1 ( or 0 ) Recharge Rate for his attacks.
    Not sure yet on his defenses. Temp Invul is 6-slotted ( 1 end redux / 5 dam resist, maybe going to 2 and 4 ), Unyielding is only 5 ( 1 and 4 right now ). Looks like I’ll be leaning heavier on the passives then I had planned.
    He is going to have less then six attacks in the end I think, so six slots into Hasten for the effect of one SO Recharge Rate into the attacks never made sense to me anyways since I never pictured him as a major damage dealer.

  5. Yeah, CoV vs CoH pvp fights are going to be odd.
    CoH’wise I think may still have the higher damage output with Blasters and Scrappers and a higher defense level with Tankers.
    If I remember right, the actual Brawl Index for damage is generally lower on the CoV side, but the special abilities ( Rage, Scourge, Domination, Hide-crits ) lend themselves to playstyles that let the CoV characters control when their damage boosts happen better then the CoH abilities ( Crits for scrappers are random, the blaster special is crap ).
    Still in PvP between games, just like in the Arena, it’ll come down to who can play there character better. But the dynamic will be weird.

  6. I don’t think it should effect me to much.
    One scrapper will need to move a few slots…for levels that they do not have yet.
    The other scrapper is completly uneffected.
    Defender is uneffected.
    And my controller might be on one power with the recharge stuff.
    I will wait and see how it goes, and wait for CoH planner to come out so that I can run the Numbers.
    So…I guess that I was deversified already….go me…how odd that that would happen. 🙂

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