Everything I6, that isn’t Enhancement diversification:

Behind the cut:

Known Issues
* Synapse TF cannot be completed

Well… I’m glad we just did it, then.

PvP Zones:

Blah blah blah — it’s being analyzed to death, and the bottom line is, no one really knows how any of it will work til it’s in.

* Macros can now be edited directly from the power tray.
* You can now give inspirations to teammates by dragging them on to the team window.

Both Nice. Both should have been done six months ago.

* New targeting commands: /target_custom_near, /target_custom_far, /target_custom_next and /target_custom_prev. To get a list of parameters, type the command without any parameters.

Now that… is a lazy patch note.

* UI changes to Trade Window. You can now trade salvage and type in the amount of influence to be traded.

… and word is that the 99,999 limit is a bug and will be fixed.

* Super Reflexes Auto powers now add some minor damage resistance that improves as the caster loses HP.

Which, of course, they will, like a bullet-riddle hemophiliac.

* Pool powers: Stealth, Grant Invisibility, Invisibility, Combat Flight, Weave, Maneuvers, Vengeance, and Combat Jumping now Buff Defense to ALL attacks.

Which means you can now have a frustratingly small defense again Psi, instead of none at all.
Lesse… if Hype has combat jumping on, and is standing inside a Dispersion bubble… and someone invises him… 25? No, 29, dropping to 24.5 when he attacks… about the same as one Defense Inspiration.

* Defender/Controller Empathy Resurrect Powers Endurance cost reduced.

Which is good, because MAN you are gonna need to six- three-slot that fucker for recharge rate.

* Glue Arrow should no longer fade when the target dies.
* Poison Gas Arrow should no longer fade when the target dies.
* Flash Arrow should have Debuff FX more visible throughout the duration now.

* Fixed Teleport animation from animating twice.

I was getting that a LOT with Shade Dancer, and it was, in fact, minorly annoying.

* Some Electrical Blast, Electrical Melee and Electrical Mastery powers now have a chance to return some of the endurance they drain back to the caster.

Electrical Melee? What’s that? Anyway, minor good news for Shock, I guess.

* Force Field/Insulation Field now also buffs defense to AoE Attacks. Dispersion Bubble now also buffs defense to Melee and Ranged attacks. This will all Force Field powers to better stack with all defensive powers, even Super Reflexes, and even with multiple shields from multiple allies.

Which means everything will be functioning the way you thought it did already.

* Slightly Modified some Scrapper Martial Arts damage scales, end costs and recharge times.

If this is similar to what was done in CoV, that means that Thunder Kicks base damage went down a bit, and Crippling Axe Kick went up quite significantly. I’m unmotivated to go check at this time, as I never had CAK, so I can’t compare it to anything.

Debt Cap:
We have cut in half the amount of Debt you can carry at a maximum at any given time.

“… because rest assured, you gullible little tools are gonna be in the hospital a HELL of a lot more.”

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