Random bits

Two things I still want to mess with in I6:

New targeting commands: /target_custom_near, /target_custom_far, /target_custom_next and /target_custom_prev. To get a list of parameters, type the command without any parameters.

Just looks like it might be useful.

UI changes to Trade Window. You can now trade salvage and type in the amount of influence to be traded.

Mostly because it looks like the only place you can see what Salvage you have, and what to do about it.
Someone mentioned that Salvage and Prestige are still broken — that you’d seen messages for earned prestige, but the SG leaders aren’t seeing any accumulation, but I didn’t have a change to talk to talk to any of the PhxGd heads about it last night and check.


  1. Salvage can be found via the ‘Salvage’ button right next to the ‘Inspirations’ and ‘Enhancements’ buttons above your command bar. It brings up a window with all of your salvage and a bunch of options for different ways to sort it.
    I am just glad you can trade salvage since the drops are rare enough and you needs between 6 to 30 of the same type of item to turn it from raw material into a component it’d take ages for one person to get enough material togethor on their own to be able to build anything.
    Phalanx side, Salvage and Prestige were working fine. You can see gained Prestige by member on the SG display listing, it is a seperate column all the way to the right. To see an SGs total accumulated Prestige you go to the Settings window from the SG listing and it is a number there. I think the Phalanx when I crashed for the night was already up above 30k Prestige.

  2. And I should note, even after you turn raw salvage into components, it takes multiple components ( six components of the Tech Power type to build a Tech Personal Teleporter ) to build anything worthwhile.
    And either not all raw material types can apparently be turned into all component types, or some component types will cost more raw material then others. Only played with it a little in the CoV beta.

  3. Oh, the roomie and I will so be fighting over the computer this weekend to test everything out!

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